한국복식학회 회장 김 영 삼

I am Young-Sam Kim, a professor at Chung-Ang University, who has taken on the role of the 22nd president of the Korean Society of Costume.

I extend my deepest gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to the advancement of the Korean Society of Costume, an organization deeply rooted in our country's long history and traditions, in collaboration with the 22nd executive committee.

The Korean Society of Costume is guided by three core principles, which we hold close to our hearts as we embark on this journey together with our esteemed members:

1. Preserving Tradition and Passing Down Heritage:
Established as the first society in the field of costume studies in Korea on December 5, 1975, the Korean Society of Costume boasts a 48-year history as a leading organization in the fields of costumes, clothing, and fashion. The venerable tradition has been shaped by the efforts of past executive committees and numerous members who have dedicated their research to the fields of costume and fashion studies. We aspire to ensure that this unique tradition becomes a heritage passed down to future generations.

2. Fostering Members' Self-Esteem:
Members of the Korean Society of Costume are individuals who hold a high sense of self-esteem, valuing their dignity and respecting themselves. It is our commitment to provide academic services that befit the dignity of our members. Furthermore, we aim to promote collaborative research and industry-academic exchanges across diverse fields, offering an open platform for friendly cooperation through academic conferences, two indexed journals (Journal of the Korean Society of Costume[JKSC] and International Journal of Costume and Fashion[IJCF]), seminars, and the KOSCO exhibition.

3. Globalizing Korean Costume Culture:
With Korea's elevated economic and cultural status, there continues to be a growing global interest in Korean culture. The Korean Costume Society laid the foundation for leading the globalization of costume culture domestically by hosting the precursor to the International Costume Congress, the Asian Costume Conference, in 1982, which brought together costume scholars from Korea, China, and Japan. In particular, we are looking forward to hosting the 30th International Costume Congress in Korea in 2024, marking over 40 years of history.

The Korean Society of Costume is committed to taking a leading role in the globalization of Korean costume culture by fostering exchanges and collaborations with renowned societies and research institutions worldwide, spanning Asia, the Americas, and Europe.

Additionally, we will establish a foundation to digitize historical records in order to honor and repay the efforts and passion of past presidents and executives who have dedicated themselves to the society's growth.

The Korean Society of Costume, along with our valued members, promises to develop into a society characterized by the grace of Korea and intergenerational communication, fostering a sense of freedom and happiness.

Thank you.

Kim, Young-sam
President, The Korean Society of Costume